Truck or SUV, What to buy in Santa Rosa, Ca

Truck or SUV, What to buy in Santa Rosa, Ca

There are many common things among trucks and SUVs. Both of the vehicles can sustain harsh weather and have high capacity. But each has its own pros and cons. In some features, the truck is better than an SUV, and in other factors, the SUV dominates over a truck. 

Living in Santa Rosa, choosing between a truck and an SUV can become quite difficult. Major headings on your notepad should include budget, the type of driving you to do, and your passenger and cargo space needs. Let us look at which vehicle would best suit your needs:



Trucks are generally more powerful and have better towing capacity than SUVs. They also tend to have a higher payload capacity, which is the amount of weight they can carry in the bed of the truck. Trucks are typically more durable and rugged, which can be helpful if you frequently drive off-road or in challenging weather conditions.


Trucks are generally more expensive to purchase and operate than SUVs. They also tend to be less fuel efficient and have a lower EPA-estimated mileage rating. Moreover, they are also less comfortable and less smooth to drive on the highway.



SUVs are generally more fuel efficient and have a higher EPA-estimated mileage rating than trucks. They also tend to be more comfortable to drive, with a smoother ride and better handling. SUVs also tend to have sufficient passenger and cargo space, which can be useful if you love long tours with your family and carry a lot of luggage with you.


SUVs generally have less towing and payload capacity than trucks. They are also generally less durable and rugged, so they may not be as suitable for off-road driving or challenging weather conditions.

Cost comparison between the Truck and SUV

An SUV costs around $32,000, but some full-size and high-capacity SUVs range between $46000 to $60000, while trucks of average size and capacity cost between $100,000 to $150,000. 

Which one should you buy?

Now that we have listed all the pros and cons, we are in a perfect position to describe the vehicle that best suits your needs. Evaluate both vehicles according to the following criteria:

1. Purpose:

If your main purpose is to have a vehicle that fulfills your daily around-the-town commuting needs with a touch of luxury and comfort, then an SUV should be your go-to option. But if your job includes towing and hauling heavy weights, then tick the truck.

2. Size and Handling:

SUVs are engineered on a car chassis, which confers them with greater stability and easy maneuvering. Moreover, carrying an SUV around tight corners is easier than a giant truck. The ultimate choice of the vehicle also depends on the garage space. People generally prefer SUVs due to the ease of parking and smaller size.

3. Fuel efficiency and cost:

SUVs are a blessing in terms of their cost. If you are tight on budget but still do not want to compromise on luxury and drive comfort, then close your eyes and order an SUV. You’ll have to spend much less on its fuel and maintenance. But a truck will better suit your needs if you’re a die-hard automobile fan and want nothing but the overpowered experience. 

4. Resale:

If you can not drive the same car for longer periods, then never go for buying a truck. Chances for resale are low, and you’ll find it difficult to search for another truck lover. 


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